The word Al Ma‟amal [Ma3mal] means the factory – it is a place designed to produce and enhance the production of films, documentaries, video art, installations and other performance, visual and artistic projects that have an Avant-Garde nature and have the ability to make a progressive impact on civic communities.

Ma3amal 612 Art Production

Ta’a Marboutah

Ta’a Marboutah (The feminine E) is a Human Rights documentary that brings forward the issue of identity complications in general, and the right of Jordanian women to give their children the Jordanian nationality in particular. Ordinary women address the camera in moment of truth. They carry their painful stories into paths of confession and objection to regain their full rights as productive citizens in their nation.

As We Forgive

“One man: two characters… an altar, revenge rituals… in a bleeding surreal reality… some attempts to darn a cracked moral system… and stumbling in a shattered world…  To forgive, does that mean anything?”

“As We Forgive?!” by SawsanDarwaza is a play that treats the moral system in this unstable world, this distorted moral system which does not address the difference between the will and the instinct, between the oppressor and the oppressed,  between the malignant and the good, between the temple and the slaughterhouse, between love and exploitation. This moral system blinds us to the difference between the criminal and the crime, between tolerant forgiveness and vengeance, between a fixed and a volatile moral system.

“As we forgive is a moral play in amoral world”