Ma3mal 612 Think Factory is a collaborative Pool of Thinkers and Workers from different backgrounds and disciplines who design innovative projects on thematic topics that are considered as a priority for the Arab region.
Ma3mal 612 Think Factory‟s most major projects to date are:

  • The annual “Karama Human Rights Films Festival” held for 6 years in a row, from 2010-2015. The festival started in Jordan and expanded to take part in other countries including Ramallah, Gaza, Mauritania, Tunisia, and recently Beirut.
  •  “Karama Atelier”, a human rights film laboratory. It has produced seven human rights documentaries as part of their collective efforts and 2 animation films, as well as 2 short fiction films.

Ma3mal 612 is working on achieving many versatile projects within this year, namely:

  • “Cinema in Transport and the New Sykes–Picot map” – Funded by AFAC

Moreover, Ma3mal 612, through its production arm has established a new partnership with MINAA VOD and Creative Documentary Platform, which is a platform to distribute documentary films from the Arab World.

And now, Ma3mal 612 Think Factory and productions are preparing for Karama Human Rights Film Festival 7th edition in Jordan under the theme of “Are you a Human Being?” hosting 40 HR films, two workshops, one seminar and one music concert with an extensive outreach program in Jordanian cities.
Additionally Ma3mal 612 Think Factory is organizing and managing the Arab Network for Human Rights Films- ANHAR Network.